This is a journey we take together. If you are struggling with thyroid problems, fatigue, brain fog, acid reflux and heartburn, minor digestive troubles, weight loss stall or struggling with blood sugar , then this course is best for you.

What we will work on during our time together:

  • a deep dive into your health history
  • detailed action plan
  • dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations
  • someone to listen to you, hear you and your health concerns
  • a follow up recap email explaining everything that was discussed and any important documents

What benefits you will find:

  • living your best life yet!
  • understanding your body
  • messaging, email and phone support
  • written our plans and goals

This 5 week online course involves a weekly action plan.

Each week, you will be sent a short video and action plan of the following 5 topics:

  • diet vs healthy eating
  • movement,
  • meal makeover,
  • lifestyle and stress management,
  • inside out healing and how to maintain these habits.

Benefits from this course include:

  • going through the videos and worksheets at your own pace
  • email support
  • understanding your body more

Keeping each other accountable is what this is all about. There is nothing that we cannot achieve together! A 12 week challenge to improve your health and vitality.

What we will go through together:

  • initial individual consultation to discuss personal health history and goals are your focus
  • biweekly group calls to discuss larger group topics and keep each other motivated and accountable
  • recipe swaps and ideas
  • penultimate consultation is done one-on-one to see your improvements in your health journey.

Benefits from this course:

  • living you best life
  • understanding your body better
  • community support & love

Discounts apply for each tribal member, up to 5 members per group.

Burn out is real. You might not be there yet, but you recognise the signs… let me help you put some simple and effective steps in place to help you manage the daily burden you feel. Please see my SPECIALISATION page for more details.

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