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My Specialisation

Burn out, anxiety, overwhelm is real, let me help you!

Health & Wellness

This is a wellness journey we will take together. I will support you every step of the way. We will take a close look at your current diet, your nutrient need and the functioning of your body as a whole. Then together with your concerns and health goals, formulate actionable steps to get you there.

-Whole food diet changes – this does not mean salad, salad and more salad!

-Targeted supplementation

-Detoxifying environment

-Easy actionable lifestyle changes

Energy & Happiness

What is in your stress bucket? Here we will look at what those stressors are and how we can eliminate them. This can be anything from even thinking about what to make for dinner, to extreme toxic load of chemical build up. A stress is a stress, and to get back to our energetic and happy selves, these need to be addressed.

-Sleep, stress and movement

-Assessing and minimising toxic load

New Beginnings

I’m all about keeping things as simple as possible. And making things easier going forward. Once we know what to do, just how do we continue to do these thing. Here we work on how to create new habits that we can use from now onwards.

-How to create simple and effective habits

-Live your life in full BLOOM

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