Time for you too, Mom!

Being a mother is one of the hardest job I have ever done, and do on a daily basis! But it is also the most rewarding jobs. And it doesn’t pay, except in cuddles and kisses.

But even saying that, we do so much for all those around us, and often don’t leave anything for ourselves. We should give to ourselves exactly what we give to others, but it feels wrong to do so… am I right? It feels selfish to have time alone, doing something for yourself. Wrong. We NEED to do these things. Otherwise we empty and empty and empty ourselves, until there is little left. And then we are no good to ourselves and no good to your family.

So download the printable and take the time next week to do things to fill you up again.

Husbands/boyfriends/partners – if you reading this. Give your other half the opportunity and time to do these things for themselves.