Do you have a family favourite that you want to make healthier?

Otherwise try some of these…

BBQ Meatballs snack

A great little protein bite to put into the kids lunchboxes for school. Packed with veg and nothing but goodness.

Chicken nuggets

Healthy version of kids firm favourite. But this time with no nasties and enough veg to almost consider it more veg than chicken!

rusks/breakfast biscuit

Naturally sweetened, gluten-free, no refined grains. An absolute treat with a cup of tea or coffee.

No grain granola

Replace your daily cereal with this whole food granola. Naturally sweetened and perfect with coconut cream or yoghurt.

vegetarian savoury mince

Create a flavourful savoury “mince”. Packed with vegetables and full of flavour. A firm favourite in our home.

NO-Nasty BBQ Sauce

Use this No-Nasty BBQ sauce as a marinade or as a sauce with your meat or tempah. All the taste and no preservatives.

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